Kraft Apologises
New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft says he was wrong to trust
the NFL in the deflated footballs case and that he regrets not
appealing the penalties against the team.
Brady Responds
A day after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced he would be upholding Tom Brady's four game suspension, the Patriots' Quarterback issued a response.
Patriots GoFundMe
The Deflate Gate scandal has made news headlines for months. It's no secret that members of PatsNation are in uproar over the four-game suspension of our beloved Tom Brady. Not only that, but the NFL team was also given a one million dollar fine for their trouble...
Greater New Bedford speaks out on Deflate Gate
After more than 100 days of investigating, the NFL report is out on the Patriots-deflate gate scandal. The report author by attorney Ted Wells doesn't call star quarterback Tom Brady a cheater, but it may as well. Wells calls some of Brady's claims that he didn't know of efforts to de…
Report: Pats Deflated Balls
New York, NY ( - Ted Wells has completed his investigation into deflated footballs used by the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game and concluded that team personnel deliberately tried to "circumvent the rules
NFL Releases Statement
The National Football League has released its first official statement regarding their investigation into the use of under-inflated footballs by the New England Patriots in last Sunday's AFC Championship Game.
Here's the statement in full:
"Our office has been conducting an investigation as to wh…