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Cynicism and skepticism.
Cynicism and skepticism. These are just two top of mind isms that are tip of tongue following my interview with the CEO of the South Coast Chamber of Commerce.  Don't get me wrong. Rick Kidder is genuine. The mission to land an Amazon corporate headquarters is at best, altruist...
South Coast Rail Forum
DARTMOUTH - Over 50 local elected officials and residents attended an informational meeting on proposed changes to the South Coast Rail project at UMass Law at Dartmouth Thursday evening.
South Coast Rail Public Meetings
The first of five meetings regarding plans for a future South Coast Rail project took place at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech High School Wednesday evening before a crowd of nearly 70 people.
Commuter Rail Audit
An independent audit shows that the company contracted to run the MBTA's commuter rail service ended last year with a net loss of almost $10 million and expects to lose even more in 2015.
Commuter Rail Delays
MBTA officials say an Amtrak signal problem at Ruggles Station is causing delays for Commuter Rail passengers on the Providence/Stoughton Line.
South Coast Rail
Many residents around the South Coast have been waiting for commuter rail. The Transit System's $5.5 billion debt, aging equipment and huge maintenance needs, plus a present construction cost of $2.2 billion, and projected inadequate ridership, presents a tough nut to crack...
False T Alerts
The MBTA and the company that runs its commuter rail services are looking into a possible hack after alerts went out warning commuters that service ``was delayed until further notice.''

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