Let’s Make Them Pay [Video]
Street peddling is protected speech. Panhandling is a viable, hard-working job. Imagine sitting or standing for a few hours with a sign that reads, "Homeless, Need Help, God Bless." That's all it takes for a few panhandlers to make a wad of money...
A Plan B For The Panhandler Situation
When it comes to panhandlers, it may be time to institute a Plan B. We know New Bedford City Councilors continue to explore ways to get them off the streets. Since their Plan A has yet to pan out except for the panhandlers, here's my Plan B...
Peace for Ponies [AUDIO]
Kendra Bond of the organization Peace for Ponies joined Tim Weisberg on Saturday morning to discuss her group's efforts to find new homes for rescued miniature horses. Give it a listen and find out how you can help.