5 Beautiful Pics Challenge
This challenge went viral last summer, but I was never nominated to participate. Now it's my turn to show you which five pictures I think I look and FEEL beautiful in. My cousin Alyssa is the reason I am sharing this with you today. She challenged me to share these photos and name at least five…
Fitness Challenge NB
The City of New Bedford is fostering partnerships between multiple wellness organizations to present a fitness challenge to the residents of New Bedford.
The challenge is to simply get moving and get healthier, and city residents can do just that by signing up for the challenge which will begin in Ja…
Taylor Twists The Challenge
Well, my time has come!
Scott Reiniche nominated me two days ago, but within that same 24 hours, I was also nominated by City Councilor At Large Linda Morad, so I figured that gave me an extension on the challenge.
ALS has had record contributions towards research for finding a cure for Lou Gehrig&apo…

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