EPA Grants
EPA Grants
The City of New Bedford can now begin assessment of some key investment properties that contain levels of contamination. The City has been awarded $600,000 dollars in two separate grants from the EPA to take a closer look at the former Payne Cutlery and Elco Dress site, as well as several lots along the riverwalk in the upper harbor...
Brownfield Funding
Another round of funding for brownfield clean-up initiatives is being announced in New Bedford. Mayor Jon Mitchell, Congressman William Keating, and EPA Administrator Curt Spalding will announce a $400,000 grant being awarded to the City by the EPA, to put towards clean-up efforts at the former Payne Cutlery and Elco Dress site in the near-North End...
EPA Award
The EPA has awarded the City of New Bedford a $200,000 grant to further clean-up efforts at a brownfield site. The grant will go towards work at the former Payne Cutlery site at the southernmost section of Church Street. The 148-acre site is situated along a three-quarter mile stretch of the planned Southcoast Rail Corridor, and redevelopment of the area looks to transform it into a transit-orient