Brock Avenue

$1 Million Winner
A New Bedford woman has won a million dollars in the State Lottery's "Four-Million Dollar Jackpot" instant game.
Kelly Azeredo has chosen a one time cash payment of $650,000 after taxes.
She plans to use her winnings to buy a house...
Robbery Attempt Fails
Two men attempted to rob a Cumberland Farms store in the South End Friday night.ran off after the clerk refused to hand over any cash.
Police say the attempted robbery happened around 10:30pm Friday at the Cumberland Farms Store on Brock Avenue...
Woman Threatens Suicide
Police say a New Bedford man is facing charges after yelling at a woman Monday night who was threatening to commit suicide by jumping from a Brock Avenue rooftop.
The man, 30 year old Josue Melendez Soto, was allegedly swearing at the woman and yelling at her to get down...