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Appeals Court Clears Taunton in Wrongful Death Case
A Massachusetts appeals court has ruled in favor of the City of Taunton in a wrongful death case brought by the family of a fatal stabbing victim.
The civil case had claimed that a slow and negligent response by first responders caused the wrongful death of Patricia Slavin, 80, who was fatally stabbe…
Public Safety Summit
Noting the recent rash of crime and violence, New Bedford City Councilor Brian Gomes has requested a public safety summit. The stakeholders are the council, a representative from the Mayor's office and a slew of law enforcement agency officials...
Brian’s Beat: Michelle Carter is Guilty of No Crime [Poll]
There's a young woman slated to go on trial. Michelle Carter is accused of manslaughter. Her friend Conrad Roy III committed suicide, carbon monoxide poisoning. He inhaled the fumes in his sealed vehicle.
Carter isn't the nicest person, but according to Massachusetts law she is no criminal.…
Teens Learn Better Choices
A crowd of over 200 students, teachers, law enforcement and other community members gathered at the Holiday Inn in Taunton Friday for the first annual Teen Safety Summit.