Mitchell on Brussels
Many large cities across the world are still on alert after Tuesday's terror attacks in Brussels.
New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell says just because the Whaling City doesn't have towering buildings or a bustling transportation system doesn't mean we can't be a target...
Anti-Terror Sweep In France
French police have released three women arrested Friday and will continue to interrogate nine others who were detained in an anti-terror sweep connected to last week's attacks in Paris that has put Europe on high alert.
Belgium Edges USA 2-1
I haven't seen much of the World Cup tournament, just a game here and there.  But on Tuesday I did have the chance to watch the entire Belgium-USA contest and honestly, it was a joy.  Here's a recap of my experience:
00:44  USA Goalkeeper Tim Howard made the first of his 16 s…
World Cup Recap
Brazil and Belgium proved the old adage that there are no easy games at the World Cup.
Brazil failed to beat Mexico for the first time at a World Cup, held to a 0-0 draw in their second game in Group A.
With Neymar rampant through the middle, Marcelo ever-willing to go forward and Oscar supplying pass…