Bump Stock Ban Advances
BOSTON (AP) _ Massachusetts lawmakers have agreed on language that calls for a ban on ``bump stocks,'' devices that can increase the firing rate of a weapon.
The state would be the first to ban bump stocks since the deadliest mass shooting in modern U...
Don't Ban the Breed
New Bedford Animal Control Officer Manny Maciel says breed-specific legislation against pit bulls is not the answer in the wake of the recent killing of a 7-year-old boy by two of the dogs.
Cellphone Ban Moves Forward on Beacon Hill
A bill that would prohibit all use of hand-held cellphones by motorists in Massachusetts has moved forward on Beacon Hill.
The measure has been endorsed by the Legislature's transportation committee and was given preliminary approval in the House on Wednesday without debate...
Carney: Where Are Natives Weighing In On Proposed Name Ban?
The Massachusetts legislation is holding a hearing Tuesday morning regarding a proposed bill that would prohibit the use of Native American mascots by public schools. But at least one local tribe representative is more upset about being left out of the discussion than about the appropriation of Nati…

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