Worry About Yourself [VIDEO]
August is a little girl with a lot of spunk! She is no damsel in distress. She will fix her own problems. No seatbelt difficulties are going to keep her down and ruin a lunch date with daddy. All he has to do is worry about himself and "DRIVE...
Supt. Durkin Issues Report On Keith Alarm
Supt. Dr. Pia Durkin had little new information to share Thursday night with the School Committee about the alarm failure earlier this year at Keith Middle School.
The school was the scene of a break-in two months ago, and two adults and 11 juveniles were charged with vandalizing the building...
City On A Hill Charter School Picks New Bedford Location
The City on a Hill Charter School has finally announced where its New Bedford school will be located.
Officials have signed a five-year lease for a building at 384 Acushnet Avenue, where Artworks was formerly housed.
According to assistant Director of Development Marissa Burgess, more than 100 ninth g…