American Civil Liberties Union

Hodgson: Drug-Sniffing Dogs Necessary Tool for Prisons
Some inmates' rights groups are hoping the highest court in Massachusetts will block a policy in which prison visitors are subjected to a search by drug-sniffing dogs before entering state-run facilities, but Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson doesn't think the policy should or will cha…
ACLU Eyes New Bedford
The American Civil Liberties Union is keeping a close eye on the New Bedford City Council.
Thursday night's meeting will discuss the future of an ordinance that would require panhandlers to obtain a license in order to beg for money.
ACLU Deputy Legal Director Sarah Wunsch tells WBSM News the ord…
Federal Court Rules
(Associated Press) - A federal judge has struck down two anti-panhandling ordinances in Worcester, saying they unconstitutionally restrict free speech.
One of the ordinances prohibited panhandling within 20 feet of bus stops, ATMs and restaurants...