When New Hampshire resident and self-acclaimed cat woman Caitlin Blanchard took a trip to Bajah’s Cat Café in Tiverton with her boyfriend, Tylor Listor, she thought it was all a part of her birthday celebration. It quickly turned into a birthday she will never forget when she realized Tylor had an ulterior motive for their day trip on Friday.

Blanchard and Listor have been together for the past six years, living in New Hampshire. Before the couple arrived at the Bajah’s Cat Café, Blanchard’s best friend, Cody Herlihy, gave me the low-down on the bride-to-be.

“She is a big cat person,” he said. “She’s that person who always has something cat-related on or her friends get her cat-themed gifts. She has a bunch of cats that she has rescued herself, so she has always been a huge cat person."

It only seemed right for Listor to ask the most important question of his life in the company of cats, so when Blanchard suggested Bajah’s for a fun birthday idea, he jumped at the opportunity and started planning.

“He’s been messaging me secretly, trying to keep it a secret from her,” Herlihy said. “He gave me the ring, so that way she wouldn’t find it if she was snooping, and trusted me to bring the ring, the cat collar, and pick the cat for today.”

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Herlihy was instructed to place the collar on one of the cats that read, “Will You Marry Me?” with the ring tied onto the collar. And yes, the ring was cat-shaped.

Amanda Souza-Viera, the owner of Bajah’s, was also in on the surprise and went along with the plan when Blanchard, Listor, and a few friends walked in.

Souza-Viera escorted them into the cat lounge, keeping up with the facade that the group was just there to see some cute cats.

“I think you should really check this cat out and read his collar,” suggested Souza-Viera.

The seed was planted, and the lightbulb went off for Blanchard.

It was such a thoughtful display of love by Listor, and watching his plan unfold was heartwarming.

Sorry, gentlemen, but the bar has been set incredibly high thanks to Listor.

Watch him pop the question below:



@fun1071 Maddie got the chance to film a surprise proposal at Bajah’s Cat Cafe in Tiverton, RI and it was purrrfect. #proposal#engaged#fun107#radiostation♬ Dancing in the Moonlight - Toploader

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