If you're buying a case of beer this week, you may notice a sticker with a special message on the packaging.

The Bristol County District Attorney's Office is taking part in the "Sticker Shock Project" for National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week by placing stickers reminding consumers it's illegal to provide alcohol to minors.

April Cabrera with the DA's Community Affairs Division tells WBSM News teenagers are still very easily able to obtain alcohol. "What we find is that teens are able to access alcohol very easily and people are willing to buy for them, even though they're not supposed to. So this is just an additional warning to let them know that they should not be doing these kinds of things," says Cabrera.

The stickers are being placed on cases of beer, wine coolers, and other packages that appeal to underage drinkers by area high school students with the assistance of police officers from around Bristol County.