Judging by the title many would say, there is no positive side to almost a foot of snow on the ground!  Yes it's a pain to shovel and remove from our cars, it is a hassle driving and the roads are slippery and make our cars filthy.  The bright side of all this snow comes to the environment, just ask a farmer who has many fields that he is gearing up to start planting in the spring, he knows that when they field is covered in a blanket of snow the field will be irrigated properly and evenly.  The snow also is a plus for the resort industry, both warm and cold weather resorts.  When there is snow on the ground in your backyard you have more thoughts of taking to the mountains and doing some skiing, sledding or snowmobiling.  Others think about how they want to escape the snow and head to a tropical destination that business also thrives this time of year.  The down side to that is if you have a storm on the day you are set to fly out and there are delays at the airport, let's not think about that though.  See there are some positive sides to a snowstorm, after all there is nothing we can do about them if we choose to live in the Northeast, they are just a part of life.  Make the most of it now throw on your snowsuit and go make a snow angel!