NEW BEDFORD — Six New Bedford businesses have been fined by the city’s Health Department after failing to comply with COVID-19 regulations and protections, the City announced today.

Whiskey Lounge, located at 1669 Acushnet Avenue, and Sebastian’s, located at 110 County Street were each fined $300 for failure to comply with mask-wearing regulations.

Legends, located at 78 Covell Street, was fined twice for violations on two consecutive days for failure to comply with mask-wearing regulations and social distancing. The first day, the business was assessed a $300 fine and it was doubled on the second day to $600.

New Bedford Bar & Grill, at 116 County Street, and The Bar, located at 266 Dartmouth Street, were each fined $600 for violations of the social distancing and mask-wearing regulations.

Freddie’s Café, located at 175 Sawyer Street, was fined $600 for failure to comply with mask-wearing regulations and for permitting dancing at its establishment, which is not permitted under COVID-19 safety regulations.

The violation orders were issued November 20, the City said, after inspections by the New Bedford Health Department.

In addition to current COVID-19 restrictions and regulations, the City of New Bedford has also put a “pause” on seating at bars in city establishments for Thanksgiving weekend.

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