Steven Bouley, a local volunteer at the Salvation Army and Mobile Loaves and Fishes, has organized a September 12, 2015, local event aimed at supporting both organizations. It's called Serve-athon and members of the community can volunteer to do most anything that is helpful to others. The volunteer will gather pledges from family, friends and workers and donate the pledges once their service is completed.

Lift-in-Love, a new volunteer group created locally of Christian men is spearheading the service day event, in support of both the Salvation Army and Mobile Loaves and Fishes. On August 1, there will be a gathering at the Salvation Army at 619 Purchase St. for community members to learn more about how to get involved and participate in the September 12th fundraiser. Like stewardship, the concept is simple: contribute time, talent and money. Lift-in-Love has already raised $10,500, and Mr. Bouley hopes they can raise $25,000 because for every two dollars volunteers bring in, an anonymous donor will donate one dollar! Can you help?