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The New Bedford Port Society and the Waterfront Historic Area League are working on a plan to restore and make accessible both the Seaman's Bethel and the Mariner's Home. 

The $2 million project is expected to start in early 2015. 

WHALE Executive Director Terri Bernert tells WBSM News, her agency is working on a fund-raising plan....

The highlight of the project would be an outdoor elevator at the rear of the Mariner's Home, that would lead to an enclosed glass structure that would connect with the Seaman's Bethel. 

The Bethel averages about 16,000 visitors a year.  However, the Mariner's Home has been closed the last two years. 

Under the plan, the first floor of the Mariners Home would be converted into a Fishermen's Museum.  Also, both buildings for the first time would be air conditioned.

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