"This legendary game show host from Canada has been attracting top ratings for 28 years despite turning 72 but looking and acting like a much younger man." (Soft sound effect buzzer) "Who is Alex Tribek?"  The TV appearance of New Bedford native and current resident, Andrew Nelson, reminded me that one of the longest running game shows will be losing a host whose image is part of our hearts as well as the American fabric. At 72, and with some health scares, surviving two heart attacks, the burning question is who should succeed Tribek when he chooses to sign off? Sony has already started a search for replacing him, but making that transition will be no easy matter! So, who can step into Tribek's role? What about Anderson Cooper, host of Anderson Cooper 360? He has the right hair color. He is one of the choices. So is Matt Lauer of TODAY for 16 years who has met with Sony execs, as has NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams. Then there's Dan Patrick, who would bring a laugh track with him if he's chosen. So, let me ask you, the most important component here. Who would you suggest as the next host of Jeopardy, when Alex Tribek leaves?


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