This past January, we adopted a 14-week-old black lab mix puppy. We have rescued several dogs over the years, but never a puppy.

This time, when we were looking to adopt, we saw a face we couldn't refuse and brought Quincy home. He was playful, lovable and got along with his new, much older brother Reagan.

Jessica Machado/Townsquare Media
Jessica Machado/Townsquare Media

We had early success with potty training and he can even do some tricks. He is high energy and loves walks and to run and fetch balls over and over again. Overall, he is a sweet boy but he has one problem.

He chews everything.

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Quincy has become an absolute menace and chews almost anything and everything. Furniture, corners of doors, shoes left unattended for just a second, plants, rugs, towels – you name it. If it is in our house, Quincy has found a way to get it in his mouth.

We have tried many different ways to stop the chewing and we thought as he got a little older, he would chew less, but as he approaches a year old, it seems as if he is chewing more and more with the damage to our home more significant.

I woke up in the middle of the night to find him chewing my actual bed.

Jessica Machado/Townsquare Media
Jessica Machado/Townsquare Media

We have purchased anything and everything you can buy at our pet store as well as online but nothing seems to curb his desire to lie on the floor and nibble on the legs of our dining room table. We have puppy-proofed our house as much as we can, but where there's a will, there's a way and from baseboards to windowsills, Quincy is a professional chomper.

Have you had a dog who chewed his way through your home and what did you use or do to get them to stop?

We need help before he eats our house down.

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