I love this time of year! I really do get into March Madness. Many of my friends are amazed and some have asked, "How long have you followed college basketball?"  Truth is, I don't follow college basketball. But, like millions of other people, I always have a bracket or two going in March. It's fun! We're stuck between winter and summer, football is over and the Sox haven't started the real games yet so why not fill out a bracket?

There was a great call on WBSM's "First Light" around 5:40am today. A lady called  in to say that her entire family fills out brackets including her 88-year old mother. Her mother has no idea who is playing and does not follow any sports. Yesterday, when the caller got out of work, she called her mother but was told, "I can't talk right now! I'm watching four games and I think I'm winning!" Isn't that great?

So we are off and running from 64 teams down to one champion and no, I didn't have Harvard either.