New Bedford Police say three people suffered from overdoses, two of them fatally, in the past few days.

Detective Captain Steven Vicente says police and paramedics were dispatched to the 100 block of Sylvia St. Monday afternoon for a 39-year-old male who had overdosed on heroin.

The victim, who was found conscious but lethargic, was transported to St. Luke’s Hospital where he was treated and released shortly before noontime.

Upon returning home the man found his roomate, identifed as a 29-year-old male, unconscious and not breathing.

Vicente says it appears that the roommate used heroin that the 39-year-old man asked him to hold for him.

The roommate was taken to St. Luke’s hospital where he was pronounced deceased on arrival.

Vicente says that on Friday police found a deceased 23-year-old woman in the basement of a closed bar located at the corner of Tallman St. and North Front St.

The woman was found on a mattress and Vicente says it appears that the woman had been staying there and that there was evidence of heroin use in the area.

Vicente says the woman also overdosed in April and August of this year.