After more that two weeks of competition the 22nd Winter Games came to an end.  The Olympics had the best competitors from around the world competing in some of the most beloved sports.  Russia was able to keep the games safe, as we heard that there were many threats to the games, in the end it all came together pretty seamlessly.  The games were exciting and host country Russia came away with the most medals 33, the United States brought home 28, a drop from the 37 the U.S. won in 2010.


The closing ceremonies were beautiful and the Russians even poked fun at themselves when the Olympic rings didn't work properly in the opening ceremony, they made it happen again during the closing. The torch was passed on to South Korea where the 23rd Winter Olympics will be held. One touching moment was when the big bear that was the mascot for the Olympics blew out the torch and shed a tear while he did that.