Nowadays, most things are not the way they used to be. That goes for everything from technology to puberty. Which brings me to the question, what happens when a girl has the brain of an 8 year old and the body of a 13 year old?

I discussed that issue and others regarding early puberty, including obesity, depression and stress in our young girls with two notable experts. Drs. Louise Greenspan and Julianna Deardorff, co-authors of The New Puberty: How To Navigate Early Development In Today's Girls began the conversation by defining what the new puberty is and offered some practical strategies for supporting our young girls.

If you're a parent questioning why your daughter is heading into puberty at a much younger age than you did, this book is for you. The authors explain why girls are developing earlier, drawing on cutting-edge research and years of clinical experience.  The New Puberty is an empowering guide that will forever change the way you view puberty.

The authors - both mothers of young girls - offer not only parents and grandparents, but teachers, coaches and caretakers, guidance to have a conversation, not a talk, about puberty in an age-appropriate way to support your girls as they navigate this complex stage of their lives.

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