In a move that some might consider bold, Councillor at Large candidate Carlos Pimentel Felix posted a controversial photo on Facebook with medical marijuana.


A perennial candidate, Felix has run numerous times for city council in New Bedford. This photo showcases him 'enjoying some alone time' with medical marijuana. Despite the ballot question being passed by voters last November, the new medical marijuana laws don't go into effect until May 24.

After the new medical marijuana laws do go into effect, it could take dispensaries till the end of the year to get all of their licensing done to open. Some patients have been allowed to grow medical marijuana themselves, but need a note from a doctor.

Comments on Felix's photo warn him against posting such a photo to his page while running for public office, but he says he has proper certification to be smoking it. He also says that he smokes marijuana, and it is a 'wonderful plant'.


Update 3:26pm - Carlos Pimentel Felix has sent us a copy of his MMC (medical marijuana card). He has all the certification he needs to legally smoke the drug.

Carlos Felix Pimentel