There was lots of great suggestions on where I should spend my summer vacation when I asked and we finally decided on a location.  If you missed it I wanted to spend my vacation in a New England state, I figured what better way to see what our local states have to offer than visiting one.  I did not want to do a 'stay-cation', been there done that, I wanted to take your advice and go where you think is best.  There were suggestions of some great places in New Hampshire, Connecticut and Vermont, but the biggest response was to the state of Maine!  That's were we are heading, we decided to pack up the 'family-truckster' and head to the coast of Maine, we will dine on Maine lobster and dip our toes in the icy waters off the coast.  Thanks for all of the great suggestions.  Maybe I'll do this again for my winter vacation and see what warm weather place I should go!