Voters in Fall River are casting ballots on Tuesday in a mayoral election that sees recently elected incumbent Mayor Sam Sutter facing off against City Councilor Jasiel Correia.

Speaking with ABC6 Sutter says that although his time as mayor has been brief, the city of Fall River has seen some major development projects come online during his tenure.

"We secured the Amazon deal, that's another 1,000 jobs. We secured the Harbor Mall Development, that's 1,100 jobs, 700 construction jobs," says Sutter "that's tremendous economic development in just ten months."

Correia, however says serious economic troubles still remain.

"We need to see some serious economic development in Fall River and that's just not happening," said Correia "small business are closing down every single day. In one of our neighborhoods, in the last 90 days, four small businesses closed down."

As for what they do going forward.

Sutter says one area he'd focus on would be opiod addiction.

"We have to do something about the opiate crisis. We have to try to reduce the number of addicted individuals in Fall River," said Sutter "I have a plan for that."

Correia says he'll find ways to better space downtown and rethink the controversial pay-as-you-throw fee.

If Correia is elected mayor he will be the third mayor here in the past 12 months.

Polls in fall river close at 8 p.m.

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