It's not exactly stalking, but a Lowell, Massachusetts man has his eye on Ariana Grande and she wants his affections to stop.

29-year-old Tim Normandin has already had a visit from the Lowell police department warning him that his advances on Ariana are unwelcomed. But the fan will not be deterred and says his plan to get her attention will continue.

So what is Normandin doing to get Grande's attention?

Apparently the 29-year-old is sending lots of gifts...lots and lots of gifts.

Her record label says Normandin has already sent

  • 8 Yankee candles
  • Dog and cat calendars
  • A 3-piece mirror set from Kmart
  • A 42.5 pound pumpkin
  • A rock from the White Mountains in New Hampshire
  • $200 anklet from Kay Jewlers

Cops have told him if he doesn't stop he'll be facing criminal harrassment charges, but according to Normandin has no plans to stop.

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