A truck smashed into a Christmas market full of German shoppers in Berlin yesterday, killing at least 12 and injuring scores of others, some who may add to the fatality list. ISIS  has urged their followers to commit acts of atrocity like this in recent weeks and in particular, speaking to those in Europe.

Police said one of the suspects, the passenger, was killed and another, the driver is apparently still on the loose as of this writing.

*UPDATE: Police now have established that the dead passenger is an innocent. He is a Polish married father of 1, brutally murdered by the terrorist driver. He was the rightful truck driver, hijacked shortly before the attack.


The West must come to the realization that only by proving to would be terrorists that any acts of violence will be met with consequences which will never make the acts worth it to their cause. Measured and equivalent responses deter next to nothing for those committed to Jihad. This strategy will save many lives even as it takes some.

For those who do not understand the lack of gratitude by the attackers who sought and were provided a safe haven in countries like Germany and France, you must understand their twisted faith as taught to them by radical imams and clerics. No credit is given to any "infidel" (Non Muslim) for doing a kind thing to Muslims. This is only due to the will of Allah. In other words, people who open their doors and wallets to help the downtrodden Muslims are predestined by God to do these things even as they are "destined" to be slaughtered by those they are being kind to.

Where is the loud and clear condemnation by German Muslim clerics in the media over this action (and the hundreds of others)?

Europe has opened their hearts and their doors to help and instead of gratitude and humility are being shown hatred and carnage while many towns, hamlets and cities are turned into Muslim ghettos, most dangerous for those natives who do not believe in the same thing.