Jess Machado

THIS GUEST OPINION PIECE BY: Jessica Machado is a freelance writer and former contributor to the Fall River Herald News. She is also a former radio host at WSAR and political blogger.



While the country waits for the true, authentic vote for our next president to be determined, I thought there was something all non-Trump supporters in Massachusetts should know.

It is not over.

Regardless of the outcome of this election, the strengthened base of patriots in this state is here to stay. Born from our street corner rallies, the supporters of our president have reignited something that had been stolen from us long ago, and that is true patriotism. A deep, devoted love for our country.

It did not take 9/11 or a tragedy for us to wave American flags in the street again. We gathered together in a united love for the American way of life. We bonded over our devotion to our strong leader, who unapologetically put our country first, a place we all know we belong.

There is no anger. There is no protest. Amongst Trump supporters, there is only pride and excitement. Patriotism and respect. Long snuffed out by the liberal agenda through systematically reinforcing guilt to those who dared to love our country, the fire of true Americans has been fanned now by a man who gave up his way of life to better ours. It will take so much more than this election to change that.

This campaign also managed to strengthen our Republican Party in Massachusetts, something that will yield results soon enough. Blurred lines within our party brought our conservative and moderate GOP members together as we worked on the singular goal of re-electing President Trump.

For too long, much of the success of the Democratic party in this state has been attributed to the division within our own party. As new partnerships were made through goals and action, the Republican base grew in cities like New Bedford and Fall River, a testament to collaborations of our diverse members. It is an exciting time to be a Republican in the state of Massachusetts.

As all legal votes are counted and the illegal votes continue to be discarded, our country works towards a final decision with truth and transparency, and an official end to this campaign. What will not end, however, is the newly-invigorated and palpable energy of the American spirit held by the Massachusetts Republicans.

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