I read a blog today on the Mother Nature Network that offered some tips on how to get along with everyone at Thanksgiving. We've all heard stories about the dinner table fights, maybe you've been a witness or a participant for one. The tips include:

  • Stay away from controversial topics -- Not just politics and religion, but those family issues that you know might explode.
  • Accept criticism gracefully -- If someone bugs you about losing weight (or gaining it) or whether or not you have a job yet, remember these people DO love you thdey just don't have a way with words.
  • Volunteer on Thanksgiving Day -- Before you go see your family, volunteer at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen. That will give you a better perspective and things might just roll off your back.
  • Seat strategically -- If you're the host, try to avoid possible conflicts and put the necessary distance between possible hot spots or people.
  • Leave early -- Remember, you don't have to stay all day, unless it's your house I guess.

If you can manage to follow these steps, you'll probably have a nice peaceful meal.