TSM - Mayor Jon Mitchell announces "Graffiti Free NB" program at Riverside Park.

New Bedford seemingly is going all out to win the war on graffiti.

Mayor Jon Mitchell  unveiled new equipment Thursday called "Ecoquip" that uses air pressure to blow away graffiti on any surface....

TSM - City Worker uses "Ecoquip" to remove graffiti from skateboard ramps

City crews performed a demonstration for the media at Riverside Park, removing graffiti from concrete ramps for skateboarders.  Ken Rezendes of the Bullard Street Neighborhood Association was impressed.

As part of the city's graffiti-free campaign, city leaders say a free app is now available for smartphone users to instantly report graffiti.

New Bedford is also offerng a $500 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of anyone who defaces property with graffiti.