We love getting mail from our listeners. But one note we received last month came as quite a shock!

Fredrik Dourén, 52, contacted us via email  to share his passion for radio. "My obsession is to find new distant radio stations," he told us, then went on to say that he's been doing so for 38 years.

The really cool thing about this story, however, is that Dourén  wasn't listening to us online or via our radioPup app when he picked up our signal on Nov. 3, 2010. Instead, he heard us over the airwaves all the way across the pond in Borlange, a small town in the middle of Sweden with approximately 45,000 inhabitants.

"Nowadays I do my listening out in the forest far away from the noise in the city," Dourén said. "I have a 3000-foot-long antenna hunt up in trees 15 minutes (30 km) drive from home."

Dedicated to his hobby, Dourén sits in his car listening to different frequencies. "Some mornings it was 20 (degrees) below zero Celsius outside, so I had to run the engine a lot," he said.

Dourén works as an electrician with CCTV cameras at a large steelworks company. When he isn't trying to find new radio stations in distant parts of the globe, he can be found alpine skiing during the winter or riding his motorcycle in the summer.