Wet Nose Wednesday is back, and this one brought a tear to my eye. Every week, Fun 107 gives the spotlight to an animal on the SouthCoast that is up for adoption in hopes of finding them a forever home.

This week, we give the spotlight to Pip from Forever Paws Animal Shelter in Fall River, who was the victim of animal cruelty which resulted in emergency surgery.

Pip is a 10-year-old shih tzu that was surrendered to New Bedford Animal Control in awful condition. Last week, he was brought into the shelter by a good Samaritan and was in desperate need of help.

“His matting was so bad that he had maggots living in his fur, one of his eyes was matted closed, and when the vet was finally able to complete the matt removal, his leg was so damaged, you could strait to his bone and tissue,” said Arianna Silva of Forever Paws. Pip was rushed into surgery at New England Animal Hospital, and thanks to their expertise, they were able to save Pip by amputating the damaged leg.

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Along with the amputation, he had dental extractions and was neutered. He is currently being treated by New England Animal Hospital and getting better each day.

Silva reported that Pip is doing quite well on three legs. Before the amputation, he was unable to use his leg because of how damaged it was, so he has more mobility now.

Courtesy of Forever Paws Animal Shelter
Courtesy of Forever Paws Animal Shelter

Even after all that trauma, Pip absolutely loves to be pet and scratched and brushed.

“When you stop petting him, he nudges you in the hopes that you will continue,” shared Silva.

Pip is currently in foster care while he heals, but Forever Paws is accepting applications for his forever home. Due to the severity of his incident, it is best for his new home to have no children. Due to years of neglect, he may have chronic skin and ear issues, requiring lifelong treatment, and he will do best in a home that is willing to give him lots of TLC. Companionship is the key to Pip’s healing process.

“His forever home will understand that he will have some lifelong medical issues that can be easily treated with medication, and he will be able to live a normal life,” said Silva.

If you think that you are a good candidate to offer Pip the happily ever after he deserves, please go to the Forever Paws website, download an application, and send it to asilva@foreverpaws.com

Forever Paws Animal Shelter
300 Lynwood Street, Fall River, MA 02721
(508) 677-9154

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