A small earthquake has been felt in Southeastern Massachusetts, but no damage or injuries are reported. 

The U.S. Geological Survey reports the 2.4 magnitude quake hit at 5:46 p.m. Tuesday and was centered about 1.8 miles below ground in Dartmouth's Bliss Corner area. 

This caller to WBSM's "More Than Just Talk" program heard and felt the rumble in Fairhaven.......

 A 1.9 magnitude quake struck Jan. 9 about seven miles north-northwest of New Bedford in East Freetown. It was felt in Dartmouth, Mattapoisett and New Bedford. No damage was reported.  Small quakes in the region aren't uncommon. 

According to the Mass. Emergency Management Agency, and the U-S-G-A, another earthquake happened Tuesday at 5:48pm off the coast of Nantucket.  It registered 4.1 on the Richter Scale.