Nothing is sacred when Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood come to town. Suddenly, everything is fodder for comedic improvisation, and between the audience participation and the duo's quick wit, hilarity is bound to ensue.

Tonight South Coast residents came out to the Zeiterion Performing Arts Center ready to laugh. The crowd was filled with fans of the long-running show, Whose Line Is It Anyway, and they all knew what to do, because this was as much their show as it was Colin and Brad's.

Whether the duo had audience members on stage pretending to be inanimate objects, supplying dialogue to bizarre scenarios or giving stage directions, everyone was in on the fun, making this a hysterical  night that was as charming as it was boisterous.

In one segment of the show that was like an absurdly creative game of "Clue," the audience had to supply names of local places to Colin, who then had to get Brad to confess to a crime on "Sconticut Neck," that he "kidnapped a sloth nun" and "committed identity fraud on the Queen of England."

Whichever game the duo played, the audience amicably followed along, whether Brad rapped about astronomic constellations or Colin sang in the style of Andrew Lloyd Weber.

Even when things got increasingly absurd and the guys walked barefoot and blindfolded over set mousetraps that snapped at their toes before they started to toss the traps at one another like mischievous schoolboys, the audience exploded with peals of laughter, leaving many of us crying from laughing too hard.

Colin and Brad were a pure delight as they turned the Zeiterion into their rumpus room and invited all of New Bedford in to play for what proved to be a joyful, silly, laugh-out-loud evening spent with two of America's finest improv comics.


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