The Bristol County Sheriff's Office Anti-Graffiti Unit has made steady progress in removing the racist graffiti that was recently spray-painted on Profile Rock.

"We've been working on that rock for a couple of weeks prior to the swastikas being put on," said Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson "but the swastikas are all gone at this point and pretty much the rock has been cleaned in its entirety, we're finishing a coat a little bit for tomorrow, and then we're done."

Hodgson says that the crew has made frequent trips out to Profile Rock and other sites in the Freetown-Fall River State Forest and says they'll keep making those trips wherever graffiti is found.

"You know the 'Broken Window' theory, if you leave it there, it just encourages more," said Hodgson "but we try to get right back on these areas so that they know we're paying attention and at some point they'll get tired of doing it and move on somewhere, hopefully not doing more graffiti elsewhere."

Defaming property is not acceptable and certainly when it has historic significance we always become concerned about if this is some sort of targeted or racist agenda on the part of the people or is it random," said Hodgson "these are things we want to pay attention to, especially when it comes to a historic landmark.

Hodgson also says that crews used a solution that included environmentally friendly crushed walnut shells to remove the graffiti and they expect the cleaning to be completed sometime Friday.

Three men have been arrested in connection with that vandalism.

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