It seems unlikely that there will be a sales tax holiday this year.

State Rep. Antonio Cabral told WBSM News that while he has supported the sales tax holiday in the past, with the state's current fiscal condition it is just not affordable at this time.

"I have supported every single one of those tax holidays," said Cabral "but I think this year due to the fiscal situation and sort of the slow revenue growth, I think the state might not be able to take the hit off $26 to $30 million."

Cabral says that holding the sales tax holiday could come at the expense of other programs that are very important to New Bedford.

"I think it's premature to take a position which, in the end, it might also cost additional cuts to very important programs such as local aid, such as Chapter 70 for public schools, just to mention a couple of them and how important those are to our communities as well," said Cabral.

If revenue forecasts for the state improve than they can revisit the issue, but as of this time he doesn't think it will happen.

"I would say up until July 31 there is always a possibility that if the revenues begin to look better, I think the leadership will have a discussion on this," said Cabral "but as of now if it continues on this trend then the likelyhood is a tax holiday will not happen this year."

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