Why is it that so many elected officials in the region will tell me how poorly Senator Elizabeth Warren has represented Massachusetts, yet they lack the guts or conviction to say it publicly?

At 79 years old, lifelong Democrat Robert Correia, who served 32 years in the Massachusetts House and another two as Fall River's mayor, is not afraid to say that Warren has not delivered for the Bay State. He tells me for that reason, he will vote for Republican Geoff Diehl for U.S. Senate in November.

"What have I got to lose?" Correia asks. "She's done nothing for us."

Geoff Diehl for Senate / Facebook

Correia is not alone in his feelings about Warren, but to date, not many area Democrats are willing to put the senior senator on notice.

I've had local elected officials and business people tell me off the record about their true feelings, yet none dares to do the courageous thing by putting the public interest ahead of their political interests. Some explain that should they rock the boat, the region will suffer. How can that suffering be any worse than being completely ignored by a carpetbagger?

I sense they fear that by speaking their mind, they might jeopardize their political careers. If that is the case, it is shameful, since they took an oath to put the public's interest ahead of their own.

Massachusetts is at a crossroads. Our representation in Washington is abysmal, and largely ignores important issues facing our region such as the fishing industry, infrastructure, transportation and more. We have a delegation that is preoccupied with resisting the president rather than working with him on issues important to us.

How can our elected officials hope to succeed in addressing our needs if they refuse to hold our delegation accountable? There comes a time when accountability is more important than party allegiance. An endorsement from local politicians could go a long way towards tipping this election and delivering for southeastern Massachusetts.

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