Dancing queens came out in force tonight to party with tribute band ABBA MANIA at the Zeiterion Performing Arts Center. 

Even though ABBA itself only lasted from 1970 to 1983, the Swedish group's music has endured, and this was evident tonight in downtown New Bedford.

ABBA fans of all ages gathered to dance and sing along with some of their favorite songs, including classic hits like "Waterloo," "Super Trouper," and "The Winner Takes It All."

The Broadway and theatrical phenomenon, Mamma Mia, introduced a whole new generation to ABBA's music and reminded those who could remember when the supergroup's songs ruled the airwaves just how fun, spirited, and effervescent the band's music was.

So it came as no surprise when a group of area students known as Showstoppers joined ABBA MANIA on stage to perform songs with the group, including "Fernando," which earned them a well deserved standing ovation.

From beginning to end, ABBA MANIA keeps the party going, jumping, bouncing, twirling and dancing tirelessly, and the audience rose happily to the occasion, embracing the joy that weaves through each song.

Even when the show had finished, the crowd demanded two encores, bringing the band back out to perform "Dancing Queen" and a special reprise of "Mamma Mia."

However, like with all performers, even ABBA MANIA had to call it a night. But as the audience left the show tonight, it was easy to tell from their chatter that everyone had a great time as they continued humming, whistling and singing all those great tunes ABBA wrote so many years ago.

Perhaps that's why the music has endured for so long, though, despite ABBA's ultimate breakup. The joy echoes on, long after the mirrorball has shut down for the night and we have to head home, dancing shoes in hand.

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