I have been spoiled with several surprise dates. The latest was a mystery adventure to a corn maze 20 minutes from Greg's house. I have never been to one, but we had a GREAT time getting lost (the only downside was the 85 degree weather in the hot sun). And because of my competitive nature, we went through twice. The first time we made it in 46 minutes. I wanted to beat that the second time around...and we did! It only took us 23 minutes to complete the maze. Team work!

We were handed a map to help us out, and thank the good Lord we had it. I've been told that going through a corn maze without a map is like riding in a tandem canoe: a divorce maker. No one wants to get lost and argue over getting out.

I must admit that I wanted to show off a little bit. I like mazes and riddles and other brain games. Greg told me that he was impressed how fast I could get us out of the maze, and I'm happy that we did something fun together.

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