I love eating chili. Blame my Arkansas years growing up. So, here we are in the land of the Pilgrims and the epicenter of Portuguese cuisine, asking you who has the best tasting chili around the South Coast.

In all my years here, I haven't found that perfect bowl of homemade chili and yet I have found what I consider the most tasty chili made by a famous hamburger chain restaurant!

You won't believe how good tasting Wendy's chili is! It's addictive and so delicious! Their recipe is a bit looser than others and includes red beans. I prefer straight chili, but the beans don't distract from the consistency. And be sure to ask for extra packets of Wendy's chili sauce. It's a mildly hot liquid that is unlike any other, that adds zest and a kick to the chili.

Let me know where you like to go to get your favorite bowl of chili. In the meantime, you may see me smiling away in Wendy's Drive-Thru!