A New Bedford woman is facing charges in a credit card scam. 

A city resident alerted police last week about purchases on her account using a card she had never received in the mail.  Police then learned that someone had purchased a television, valued at $500, from Sears in Dartmouth using the stolen card.

After several days of investigation, police carried out a search warrent on Friday at 530 Mount Pleasant Street in the Nashmont Housing Development.  Det. Captain Steve Vicente says police recovered the t-v, still in its box, eight baggies of crack cocaine, $458 in cash, packaging material and a scale.

Police arrested the occupant, 26 year old Allison Sheppard.  Sheppard was charged with recieving stolen property and fraudulent use of a credit card.

Vicente says Sheppard's car also had a license plate attached to it that had been stolen in New Bedford earlier.