Two years ago, President Obama assured us that al Qaeda and its affiliates had been decimated and no longer posed a risk to the international community. The explosion of insurgency in recent days in Iraq seems to prove that statement wrong. The fact that well-organized terrorists marching to Baghdad, sucking up entire towns and cities, is proof that pulling American troops out of Iraq  in 2009 was a bad idea.

When Sen. John McCain was running against Sen. Barak Obama for the presidency, McCain floated the idea that American troops might have to stay in Iraq for 100 years. McCain was crucified by liberal democrats and a majority of the media. Today, he is proving to be right.

President Obama's decision to pull our troops out of Iraq and leave the country to fall from stability was a mistake, even though he fulfilled a campaign promise to the people. Just recently, the President ruled out sending in ground troops to save Baghdad, however, he is considering a range of options, including airstrikes by drones and piloted aircraft.

As much as President Obama wanted Iraq in the rear-view mirror, he now has to reconsider his approach, because he admitted that the United States still has a stake in Iraq at the cost of nearly 4,500 American lives and over $700 billion in military spending.

With regard to the withdrawal of American military forces from Iraq, 55 percent of Americans believed the Iraq War was a mistake and 51 percent of registered voters favored troop withdrawal.

It's amazing that lessons from previous wars are lost on those who run this country and live here, too. We still have troops in Bosnia for a good reason! We had the Iraq conflict won. The President made a huge mistake pulling our troops out of Iraq, leaving the country with no stability.