It's Wild Card Weekend in the NFL and all four games will be on WBSM.

We made our picks on the morning show today. Jack Peterson and I agree on all four games. We think the Houston Texans will regroup and beat Cincinnati, then the Packers will beat Minnesota. Neal White likes the Bengals over Houston. On Sunday, Jack and I go for the Ravens over the Colts and the Redskins over Seattle. Neal likes the Seahawks chances.

Here's the broadcast schedule:

Saturday at 4pm we begin our coverage with the pregame show, then it's a 4:30pm kick off in Houston for the Texans and Bengals. That's followed by Minnesota at Green Bay.

Sunday we begin at 12:30pm with pregame coverage before the Colts visit Baltimore followed by Seattle at Washington.

If Houston wins, they will play the Patriots next Sunday at 4:30pm. If the Bengals win, the Pats get the winn

er of the Colts/ Ravens game.