Did you notice that women love the Olympics but they'll never sit down and watch a game with you? Now I know there are exceptions, but looking at the ratings for the Olympics on NBC, they were HUGE with the ladies. One of the reasons is probably the women think those guys look pretty good in their Speedos, but there are other reasons.

Patriotism is one of the reasons but women also like the way the games are "packaged" for TV. It's not that they don't like sports per say, many times they just don't have the time to get invested in a "season".

Divisions, conferences, stats, winning percentages, learning all the players names, etc - it can be confusing. But the the Olympics you get to watch some action, hear a touching story about their childhood so you become "invested" and it's over in a couple of hours and it's two weeks every four years. Basically it's put into bite size chunks that fit into their schedule.