Do you like yours wet or dry? I'm talking about your stuffing of course! I will be having both this Thanksgiving and I like them both! Like most people over the holiday I will be visiting both sides of the family and having more turkey and stuffing than I probably should. On my wife's side her mom make the drier version of stuffing putting all of her herbs and spices in it of course it is delicious.

At my mom's house she makes the wetter version of stuffing, now this is something I grew up with and it's not the holiday's without it. She could write the recipe down but I don't think it will every be duplicated, I have been to many houses and restaurants and have tried the stuffing but it's just not the same.

As with all cooks who have their own recipes, Mom just has a way with making her stuffing. If you are like me there is nothing like her stuffing, now don't get me wrong I have no problem with any of the stuffing that I have had over the years, but it's just not moms.

I do remember making a meal for my family and friend and using stuffing out of a box and that just did not go to well. Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you stuff yourself with something that is as special to you as stuffing is to me!