New data shows that fast food spending habits tend to have state-by-state trends.

The Intuit Consumer Spending Index looked at credit and debit card data on They found that residents of Oklahoma spent $101 on average in the month of May -- the most on fast food compared to all other states. Residents of Arkansas came in second with $84 per month, while residents of Kansas came in third with close to $83 per month on fast food in May. Intuit data scientist Scott Baker says, "One of the biggest drivers of these regional differences is really just the opportunities and the breadth of restaurants people have to choose from."

The data showed Vermont residents spent the least amount on fast food, on average, for the month of May with less than $28 per person, while New Yorkers spent just over $28 on average for fast food in May.

Intuit says while the data varied monthly, the states home to residents who spent the least on fast food remained concentrated in the Northeast.