It's a yearly problem for some," where do I put these gifts so the kids don't find them before Christmas?" "The Stir" posted a list of suggestions this week:

1. The Attic. It's dusty, scary and some kids can't even get up there.

2. Your Underwear Drawer. What kid wants to go there?

3. Suitcases. Who looks in a suitcase unless you're packing or unpacking?

4. Right in Front of Their Eyes. Put them in a large box or plastic crate. Take a Sharpie and write something on it like "Tax Returns 2009."

5. The Garbage. Buy a new, large, plastic trash can. Put the gifts in there and put the can in the garage. (Just hope no one gets industrious and uses the can to clean up after the dog.)

6. Under Your Bed. Put the toys in a black bag but make a few decoys. Have the first bag they might find filled with old clothes or towels, then they'll stop.

7. In The Hamper. If you have a large hamper, stick the presents at the bottom, then cover with clothes. (If they're smelly clothes, have the Febreeze ready Christmas morning.)

8. Your Car. Keep what you can locked in your trunk.