There is no argument that America has produced some of the best and brightest in recent time, so what city shines as the smartest?

As a matter of fact, it's a rather small city. Some might even call Ithaca, NY a town. Venture Beat has put together a list of the 100 smartest cities in the USA, and in the top spot is Ithaca, NY. Perhaps it's because of the two highly acclaimed Universities (Ithaca College and Cornell) that call Ithaca home?

In the second spot is State College Pennsylvania and at three is Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana. No surprise these towns are also homes to big schools (Penn State and Purdue). You have to get all the way down to number 49 before Massachusetts pops up on the list, and it's shared with New Hampshire with the Boston-Cambridge area.

Top 10 'Smartest Cities'

1. Ithaca, NY

2. State College, PA

3. Lafayette-West Lafayette, IN

4. Iowa City, IA

5. Ames, IA

6. Ann Arbor, MI

7. Bloomington, IN

8. Madison, WI

9. Lawrence, KS

10. Pullman, WA