Full again! That's my email in box! I don't know about you but I have four different email accounts and some how they keep getting filled up! Where do all of these emails come from? My work email is mostly from customers and other folks inside the building sending messages regarding business, then theres corporate stuff and other emails that sneak through. It seems like I just cleaned out my in box a couple of day's ago and here it is full again! It's amazing how many emails we get a day!

My home email is constantly getting bombarded with spam and special offers, I know these come because I use my home email address when I need to give one out for personal use. Once you are on the list it's tough to stop them from coming, but it's not those emails that get me I expect those, it's the work emails that I get! I literally get hundreds each day, 99% of them are meaningless, the one percent I do need I have to flag so I don't lose them to the hundreds that push through every day! How about you? How many useful email's do you get a day? Probably not too many.